Who we are

Pivoting Aspects, Inc. is an S-Corporation in the state of California since November 2017 (license# C4080286) and a licensed home care organization within the California Department of Social Services since September 2019 (HCO# 41470078).  Our business entity is also doing business as (dba) Pivoting Aspects Healthcare Staffing and Pivoting Home Care

We are founded with an aspiration to address the gaps in staffing and educational needs within the healthcare workforce and gaps in the changing care delivery needs of individuals and in the communities.  Our commitment to the full spectrum of care have led to encompassing home care services to consumers, so we may assist healthcare organizations and communities as a whole. 

We intend to serve organizations, communities, groups, and individuals with skilled workers who share our work ethics and company purpose.  Our services are focused to:

  • address businesses and direct consumers’ staffing and talent acquisition needs
  • deliver consumer health and wellness and home care assistance, including to those with illnesses, disabilities, injuries, and difficulties with mobility or daily activities of living
  • improve clients’ outcomes through personalized care plan and around-the-clock services and supervision
  • improve practices in staff education, starting from needs identification to outcome evaluation and optimization;
  • support the transition of valuable healthcare and education students through preceptorship



  • Practice with ethics, respect, and dedication.
  • Honor aspirations and innovations.
  • Dedicate efforts to educational delivery, professional development, talent recruitment, and service satisfaction.

Mission and Vision

  • Align care delivery efforts with organizational, community, and individual needs
  • Achieve optimum wellness with exceptional home care services
  • Target the knowledge-practice gaps, educational needs, and unsatisfactory patient/client outcomes through a collaborative inter-professional practice.  
  • Elevate the standards of practice and services through agile staffing solutions and improved education and training practices
  •  Foster transformation, development, and growth among nursing and allied health professionals to improve our practice and outcomes in care delivery.


How are we P I V O T I N G ?

  • Personalized level of service because our individual client’s health, safety, quality of life, and well-being is central to our attention
  • Integrity in our service includes our promise to honesty and maintenance of confidential information
  • Verity in our services and capacity to deliver such services are discussed with our clients
  • Oath to practice within our code of ethics and business and professional scope of practice 
  • Transparency is what we provide and expect in return
  • Ideas from our clients and staff are valued
  • Nurturing relationships and services are what we strive for as a company and your partner
  • Gratitude for the opportunity to serve clients and communities; and allowing us to be a part of what’s important to them starts and ends our day, everyday.