Welcome to GALA In Venture, LLC

We are an established real estate investing business with the California Secretary of State (LLC#  202002810204) and were founded in the premise of helping others and serving our affiliates, clients, and investors.

  • Mission:  Establish residential care facilities in California with elevated standards of practice; assist aspiring business owners in community care industry in acquiring the real estate properties for their business; assist individuals and businesses with previously owned real estate properties; and engage with real estate investors and professionals in purchases and funding.
  • Vision:  Invest into enriching and impacting the lives of others through asset recovery and acquisition.
  • Values:  Deliver personalized services with integrity, verity, and transparency, and it is supported by honoring each other’s ideas, nurturing relationships, having gratitude for the opportunities we are given to serve others, and our oath to practice within our business and professional ethics.

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In alignment with our vision and as an investing preferred partner of Pivoting Aspects, Inc. and Arveah’s Care Homes, LLC, our intention is to establish a relationship with you from one transaction to the next or at least connect you with someone who can serve you best.  We engage in the following types of transactions with your best interest as our top priority.


Legal Asset Recovery

  • Financial assets recovery in partnership with individuals and businesses we have contacted
  • Contact us directly if you have received any communication from us regarding financial assets belonging to you.  We are also found in recoveredmoneyfinder.org.  

Real Estate Properties

  • Wholesale and retail acquisition and resell
  • Repositioning for residential care facility business operations
  • Business-to-business rentals

Private Money Brokering & Investing

  • Funding real estate purchases with investors’ support
  • Partnership with investors who understand the value of our mission and vision