We can be with you or your loved one in the following basis:


  • Allows for requesting specific “when needed” services without the minimum hours requirement per day or week 

Consecutive Hours

  • Requires a minimum of 4 consecutive hours a day and 16 hours a week

Split Hours

  • Split 2-hour shift:  2 hours in the morning & 2 hours in the afternoon
  • Split 4-hour shift:  4 hours in the morning & 4 hours in the afternoon

Live-In (additional conditions apply)

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Almost an around-the-clock care and supervision to ensure that your needs are immediately met

Monthly 32-Hour Care

  • Offers the flexibility to receive 8 hours of care a week
  • Requires pre-paying the hours of care and it’s recommended to pre-schedule the dates you will be needing our staff

Monthly Monitoring Subscription

  • Allows for a technology-assisted 24/7 monitoring 
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Staff preparing meals for patient